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    • Use 2-1/2 pounds of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water to provide an initial stabilizer level of 40 ppm


    • The use of 1 pound per 4,000 gallons of pool water will provide an initial stabilizer level of 30 ppm


    • Broadcast directly into pool, scattering over the surface of the water


    • Use a pool brush to brush any undissolved product off surface


    • For pools with plastic piping, this product may be slowly added through the skimmer


    • Keep the water circulating continuously for 24 hours after addition


    • When the product reaches the filter, there may be a temporary increase in filter pressure which will dissipate as the product dissolves


    • Do not backwash filter for 48 hours after application of this product


    • Recommended range 30 ppm – 40 ppm






Chlorine stabilizer or conditioner (cyanuric acid) is used in outdoor chlorine-maintained swimming pools as a means of helping to protect the chlorine from being destroyed by the sun’s ultra-violet rays. This helps the chlorine last longer and reduces consumption.


The level of cyanuric acid is easily determined by a simple chemical test. In northern areas, a range of 20-40 PPM is considered ideal. In sunbelt areas, a level of 40-80 PPM, is recommended for pools not utilizing a stabilized form of chlorine. Levels between 80-150 PPM are above the ideal, but are not considered to be a problem. Higher levels, especially over 150 PPM, are thought to reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine and may require the maintenance of somewhat higher chlorine levels.



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