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EVERY 4 MONTHS, ADD ONE 2 OZ. DEEP PURGE POUCH TO SPA.Regardless of how meticulously you maintain your water chemistry, hot tubs require periodic deep cleaning from the inside out to purge organics, gunk, surface grit, oils and other hard to remove contaminants that naturally build up during everyday use.

  • EXIT HOT TUB BEFORE USING INFINITY WATERCARE™ DEEP PURGE. If necessary, add water just above the highest interior therapy jet.
  • POUR ONE SINGLE-USE SPA DEEP PURGE PACKET INTO PORTABLE SPA FOR EVERY 400-500 GALLONS. Turn spa jets and air venturi (if available) on high to circulate Deep Purge throughout the hot tub plumbing system. Foaming will occur and is a normal part of the treatment. If excessive foam threatens to overflow spa, turn off jets temporarily until foam dissipates, then restart jets until 20 minutes of cumulative cleaning time occurs.
  • TURN OFF JETS AND DRAIN. Continuously wipe down spa shell as the foamy water drains to prevent contaminants from sticking to the acrylic surface.
  • REINSTALL OR REPLACE SPA FILTERS. Deep Purge is now complete.
  • REPEAT INFINITY WATERCARE™ DEEP PURGE TREATMENT EVERY 4 MONTHS. Have your water chemistry checked regularly at your local The Great Escape™ retailer.





  • Use for periodic deep cleaning
  • Add 2 oz. to your spa every 4 months
  • Purges hard to remove contaminants inside and out